Course Curriculum

Professional Picture Framing Course

5 Day hands-on training course, Monday to Friday (Daily 08.00am to 16.30pm & 2.00pm on Friday)

This course focuses on the correct framing methods and techniques, stressing hands-on, practical training that provides the skills to work with confidence and accuracy, while achieving a superlative standard of craftsmanship that ensures satisfied customers and maximizes profits.

Mount-cutter set-up

Machine setup, adjustments and operation.

Squaring arm setup and blade head adjustments.

Blade depth settings and blade life span.

Calibrating and measurement settings.

Slip-mounts and uses.

Mountboard Cutting Principals

Picture measurements and calculating methods using framer’s worksheets.

Mountboard cutting and gluing thereof.

Preservation Framing Lecture

Archival framing materials and their uses. When and why conservation methods should be used.

The Do’s and Don’ts of preservation framing.

Incorrect framing methods that affect and speed up the deterioration of artwork.

Application of archival products and conservation framing methods applied to preserve art.

Selling the concept of preservation framing to your customers.

More Mountboard Cutting – Practical

Worksheet information and workshop flow.

Artwork measuring and overlap allowance.

Backing materials and waterproofing methods.

Preparing a small picture for framing.

Glass Cutting

Hand held cutters. Wall mounted cutters. Glass handling and storage.

Pasting of Posters and other non-valuable prints

Different types of glues for various forms of pasting or gluing.

Hand pasting methods and associated problems.

Vacuum press pasting and appropriate preparation methods.

Pricing for Profit Lecture

Costing methods and suggested percentage mark-ups and how to use the ‘Framers Retail Pricing Chart’

Wastage of materials and how to maximize material usage and minimizer wastages.

Frame Cutting – Practical

Mitre guillotine settings and other suggestions.

Cutting synthetic and wooden mouldings.

Trouble shooting and problem solving.

Underpinner – Practical 

Correct wedge use.

Frame joining and associated problems.

Gluing frame corners and how to overcome any hassles.

Frame Fitting – Practical

Glass and backing board cutting.

Assembly and frame-back closure.

Hanging devices and other hardware.

Workshop Layout – Lecture

Workbench and machinery layout.

Material storage etc.

Sales – Lecture

A few tips on presentation and showroom layouts. How to get new business !!!

Consulting – Lecture & Practical

Consulting & selling-up methods, 2 hour long lecture. The

most important lecture in picture framing ever,

if you want to create great framing combinations that brings you more & new clients

The use of a Reflection-table and correct lighting.

Colour co-ordination with frame and mount-board selections.  Practical mountboard and moulding selections for various pictures. A must for any aspiring Picture Framer who wants to be the best and the most professional and make a profit!

Final Day

Framing of course certificate using conservation methods and other techniques covered during the course.

Lots of practical tips: mount-board title cut-outs & multi cutouts, V-grove, slip-frame cutting, canvas framing – static & stretcher frames, shadow-box framing and more!!