• I just completed the picture framing course and highly recommend it. I did not know there was so much to learn about picture framing. I couldn’t have picked a better place. Joe went through all the details you need to know; equipment needed to open and run your own workshop, how to use the equipment (we framed our certificate and another picture), ‘pricing for profit’ & how to consult to lock in a sale. We also visited a wholesaler and signed up to get a wholesaler price. This week was an eye opener and I really feel I got value for money and will recommend the course to friends and family. Joe’s beautiful wife Maike arranged delicious lunches which I did not expect but was pleasantly surprised. I stayed at one of the cottages on the property. It had everything I needed and more; fridge, microwave, stove, toaster, kettle, pots, glasses, cutlery & a heater!!! Clean and comfortable They both looked after me above expectations and hope to return the favour one day. I was worried about carrying my framed pictures on the plane, but Joe wrapped it beautifully for me and had no hassles carrying it on as hand luggage. When leaving my uber driver got lost and Joe waited with me at 6am till he arrived (30 minutes late!) At 2°C outside!!! Big thanks to Joe & Team, I cannot thank you enough.

  • I attended the framing course during April 2021. Joe is surely an expert who has the confidence and personality to transfer not just information but real know-how against the background relaxed ambience of his training facility. The lunch was really good and the atmosphere created amongst students pleasant. Will surely attend an advanced course sometime in future. Edward

  • Just a short note to say thanks for the wonderful week and a big thanks to Joe. A lifetime of invaluable experience.

  • Meeting all of you was Amazing.
    Joe and team: Thank you so much for everything.
    Happy Framing everyone.
    Till we meet again…

  • Thanks Joe and fellow doilies. It was great meeting you all. Wishing you everything of the best with your new projects!

  • Hi Joe,
    Firstly, I would like to thank you for the last 17 years for all the times that you have assisted me when I had framing queries via the telephone. It was always so comforting to know that you were always there to help me in times of need.  My friend is in the same predicament that I was 17 years ago. She has 3 young boys and needs to earn an income whilst still being at home with the children. I was the same and then I then started my framing business and never looked back. I am delighted that she has decided to do your course. Thank you so very much Joe, and may you continue to always be the best ‘framer and instructor’ SA has ever had.